The myth of children having few negative consequences from covid is making the rounds again, this time as the kidvax decisions loom.

I have thoughts, and I think my perspective is unique and important given my family situation. /1

Many of you know that my Teenager is presumptively long covid. Disclaimer: she didn't test positive in Mar/20 because testing wasn't available for her at the time. Or for any of us in the household, three of us who had "flu-like symptoms." /2

After her fever, Teenager improved. And then, two weeks later, starting in Apr/20, became rapidly and easily exhausted. She sleeps 18 hours a day. Has managed maybe 10 days of school in the last 19 months. It's awful. /3

But some would have you believe that because Teenager is still alive, she's perfectly fine. That's... extremely irritating.

Children as young as 5, 10 can be long covid. There are young adults who haven't tasted or smelled food in months. /4

People are very, very bad at judging low probability, high consequence risks. That's why we have mandatory seatbelt laws. Building codes. Potable water standards. Mandatory vaccine campaigns.

Nobody believes, in their bones, that it will be their kid. I didn't. /5

But I'm telling people that I have one job in life: raising my children to a healthy, compassionate, productive adulthood.

And I'm failing. That's a fact.

So I'm going to fix it. I don't want anyone else to experience what I'm going through. See:


I hesitated writing this because I'm a public person now, and writing about my family subjects them to attention that nobody wants. Some have told me to stop going on about this topic, perhaps because it forces them to face their own fears. I dunno./7

I am not a decisionmaker in the province of Alberta. If I were, I would say that we don't know the long run consequences of this disease. People, including some children, have suffered terribly and will suffer for a long time to come. We don't know how long. /8

We don't know if a cure for long haulers is just around the corner or will emerge over years.

All of these uncertainties require an emphasis on prevention.

It's unacceptable for leaders to say, "I don't know, so it will probably be okay." /9

The burden of leadership demands that you find out if you don't know, and if the future is uncertain, to manage the risks that can be managed.

Covid is airborne. Wear an N95 mask. Get vaccinated. Get a third dose. Clean the air. Vaccinate your children. End the suffering. /10

I wish that we had governments who were committed to doing this absolute, bare, effective minimum. But we don't even have that.

So all I have is a personal appeal.

Don't be like me. Keep your kids safe. Vaccinate them. Please. /end