Cassidoo may be one of the smartest people out there and this is her experience using the alleged next-generation web.

Cryptocurrency is now 12 years old; I wonder how much longer we'll hear the excuse that its failure to be usable by non-fedora-wearing humans in real-world situations is "teething pains". This would be like Amazon burning down your house when you tried one-click ordering in 2006.

Web 3 has all the ease of use, simplicity, and friendly developer community of an early Linux device driver connected to your bank account. The only difference is the device driver did something useful if you ever got it to work.

Ethereum, which wants to be the *substrate* for a whole pyramid of distributed cryptowoo, already has service fees that would make a Dubai luxury hotel blush. No one can show a "hello, world!" example in this space that doesn't take an hour to render while draining your pension

At some point someone will attempt to connect a printer to the blockchain and the world will end

All the web3 hype right now is"we can staple together used scratch-off lotto tickets to create limitless free housing, and by making casino chips edible, we can feed the world!" It's like a vape cloud with a gambling problem became sentient and learned to make YouTube videos.