We are very troubled to learn that Interior Health has informed school communities that they will need to find school exposure information on the BCCDC website since their intention is to stop sending school exposure letters to families. 1/5 🧵#bced

This is very problematic because many times we are sent documentation about exposures that never appear on the BCCDC webpage. 2/5

The below documents show such a situation. The School District 10 letter dated November 19th indicates that there was an exposure at Nakusp Secondary School on November 5, 2021 and that the exposure would be posted on the BCCDC webpage that day. 3/5

We check all that day and it never appeared (screenshot of the BCCDC webpage to document that). It also did not get added all weekend (and we checked daily despite taking the weekend off for updates). 4/5

It is still not listed (possibly because it is now past the 14-day removal timeframe?). The Aberdeen Hall letter is included as it clearly shows that Interior Health is not going to be sending letters but is directing everyone to check their exposures page. 5/5