'Sultan and the Saffron' by Economic and Political Weekly of December 1990.

Tipu Sultan and the story of 669 acres and 8000 pagodas. (extracted from Charles Stuarts catalog and memoirs of Tipu Sultan)

In 1716, the Dutch plundered and set fire to the Guruvayoor temple. Many Temples & Mosques were attacked. Guruvayoor Temple was rebuilt in 1747 AD.

Tipu Sultan made a huge grant of 669 acres to Guruvayur temple & also made arrangements for disbursing 8000 pagodas annually.

Very few Malayalis know this incredible story.

Link : https://www.jstor.org/stable/4397148

Tipu had a blind elephant, which he loved the most.

Tipu made a Paccha lingam (Jade) and installed it in Nanjangud temple. Tipu then went to the temple with his blind elephant for 41 consecutive days & daily applied a special temple paste on the eye of the elephant and prayed.

Tipu also once surrendered his weapons at Kollur Mookambika temple & offered his prayers to ‘Devi’

After the Marathas raided Sringeri Mutt in 1791, Tipu offered his support to the Shankaracharya. The Sringeri Mutt possesses 47 letters addressed by Tipu to the then Shankaracharya

Tipu Sultan was a complex, controversial personality who can neither be branded as a religious bigot nor be branded as a benevolent ruler.

But the British feared Tipu the most because he was the ally of the French (Napoleon) and was a modern technocrat in military affairs.

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