How much nonsense can you write in ten lines ?

Here is the winner from NCERT :


Meanwhile Bhakti saint Namdev


Namdev lived from 1270 to 1350. Exactly the time Maharashtra got exposed to equality and brotherhood.

Hinduism faced a calamity due to Khilji invasion. Temples were broken, pilgrimage centres rendered desolate. The Bhakti movement, with its focus on simplicity kept people within the Hindu fold.

Ref : Shri Shiv Samarth Anonya Sambandh.

Here is the source of your simplicity.


Justice Ranade on importance of Bhakti movement. This pertains to Maratha history, but the base theme of keeping Hindus within Hinduism holds everywhere.


Hinduism has meaningless rites and rituals.

For example, Saraswati puja tomorrow, where many unassuming students will respectfully worship their NCERT textbooks.

(Note : Sarcasm)

Thanks @SuvarnBharat for the pic.

This is Class 7 book.

" At a time when invaders had obliterated the open display of Hindu religion, the Bhakti movement, through its simplicity of worship, kirtans and Bhajans, kept the masses within the Hindu fold"

- VK Rajwade.

Now this is not my domain of knowledge, but surely, if you are going back to Original Hinduism .. you would go to the Vedas (Including Yajurveda) rather than Upanishads no ?

According to this para, Monotheism is associated with equality. Conversely Polytheism is not. And rituals are also bad.

Very good.

One of Maharashtra's earliest and tallest historians


Awaiting confirmation this is the main NCERT Book.

But it definitely is a recommended reader , a worse system - in which schools can feed whatever they want to kids , no matter the change in central content.


ICSE correction. The book is part of the syllabus.

Same thing.

Another thing : What's the deal with these recommended textbooks which schools can chose at their own whim and fancy ?Then what's the use of changing syllabus if any private pub " As per latest syllabus can pass"