Hlaudi Motsoeneng, ha ho ya tshwanang le wena! ❤️

He says he will deliver his manifesto after the elections.

Motsoeneng to JJ:

“I don't even believe in manifesto. It doesn't make any sense and logic. Do you have manifesto for running your life or family?
You don't have manifesto, you know that you must buy clothes for your children, there must be food, pay water and pay electricity…”


What I’m saying about manifesto, after 27 years, it’s still the same paper. Where I come from in QwaQwa, same dust, same piece of land I grew within, in Maluti-A-Phofung, no changes, nothing.


“For me, you know I’m doer.
I don’t believe in this manifesto, it’s a PR exercise, marketing your organisation.
People believe that when they put on paper all these issues that they promise the community, for them they have delivered. For me, that is not delivery."


"My manifesto will be after elections, after I have taken over Maluti-A-Phofung."

Hlaudi says unlike other parties that promise to deliver in five years, his will deliver within six months.

He says others drink tea and chow money for four years, and you only start seeing projects in the fifth year.

Motsoeneng says he wasn't [really] contesting the 2019 elections, he was just doing PR.

"It was PR exercise that Hlaudi is coming! We are going to contest now!"

JJ reminds him that he got 4,000 votes out of 50 million. 🙈🙊

Motsoeneng says the ACM will contest municipalities in the Free State. He mentioned four including Parys and Maluti-A-Phofung.

He says he’s a role model in the area he comes from and can’t go to fight for positions with the people, there must fight among themselves.

He says there are many capable people in Maluti-A-Phofung who will be deployed to councils after elections. Won’t name them now.

“You know mos I dismiss easily, I employ easily. So they know that if they don’t deliver, they are out. In my movement I take decisions.” 😬

uNjengele uphelile yintsini.

JJ asks Hlaudi if he thinks it’s wise to go to elections without naming mayoral candidates, expect voters to vote for people they don’t know and for him to impose a mayor they may not like after the fact.

Hlaudi says the ACM and the community will choose the mayor.

JJ: Shouldn’t you do that before the election, so that they know who they are voting for?

Motsoeneng: They know they are voting for Hlaudi.

They know that Hlaudi is going to take decisions and change Maluti-A-Phofung.