An IIT study pointing out tht firecrackers aren't even in d top 15 reasons for pollution doesn't matter bcoz "u don't need IIT to teach u common sense" but this common sense can't seem to rein in stubble burning which actually causes pollution.Bada uncommon common sense hai bhai.

The best way to get d system to ban stubble burning is to plant Saffron flags there and give d impression that d smoke is caused by a havan.Within 24 hours,the Indian State will issue notifications banning it & use its police powers. If not,trust the PIL industry to do the job.

Comprehensive Study on Air Pollution and Green House
Gases (GHGs) in Delhi (January 2016)
(Final Report: Air Pollution component)
Mukesh Sharma; PhD and Onkar Dikshit; PhD
Professors, Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur