Great video from @Kurz_Gesagt on stopping climate change. It cogently lays out challenges of decarbonization across different economic sectors, and helps dispel the pernicious myth that personal action – rather than policy – is the key lever for change:

A few good takeaways:

1) We need to accelerate the deployment of mature clean energy technologies we have today, and work collaborative with communities and reform regulations to prevent both well-meaning local opposition and blind NIMBYism from slowing things down.

2) We need to invest heavily in the technologies that we will need to decarbonize sectors of the economy where we do not have cost-effective solutions today. This includes heavy industry, freight, aviation, agriculture, etc.


3) We need to invest in maturing carbon removal technologies – not to give a license for fossil fuel companies to continue to operate in perpetuity, but to tackle the long tail of hard to decarbonize parts of our economy and bring Earth's temperature back down in the future.

4) We need to find a way to create an equitable, prosperous world without destroying the planet in the process. Most emissions today come from poor/middle income countries. We need to work with them to expand clean energy and minimize tradeoffs between mitigation and development.

5) At the end of the day, personal actions are important (and early adoption can drive down costs of things like EVs or meat alternatives). But main lever of change will be governments creating policies to develop and deploy clean energy technologies and reduce fossil fuel use.