Stop saying parents are “SCARED” to send their kids to school. It’s patronizing.
Parents are AWARE of the dangers of COVID and they are AWARE of the failure of school systems to prioritize their children’s health and well-being.

We demand #RemoteOptionNow not for emotional support, but for the fact that our unvaccinated children will be unmasked daily in crowded spaces, that ventilation is subpar, regular testing is not happening, and that officials are suppressing the data. There is no trust.

This thread is a perfect example of the ways on which parents are promised unrealistic scenarios but also kept from having actual information that would cause us to challenge their plan.

@NYCMayor seems to suggest parents just need to be convinced that school is safe. He should put his energy into making it true first.

Parents of possible PLEASE get your children a rapid covid test today if they’re going into our school buildings tomorrow. And fill out the testing consent form. The faster we know about positive cases, the more we can protect each other. #BacktoSchool2021 #StaySafe

I am not saying parents shouldn’t be scared or aren’t scared. I’m a parent and a teacher. I am scared too. Fear is a rational response to a dangerous situation.

My critique is how school officials gloss over the root causes of our fears and focus solely on our emotions.