@JoanneK39 @libmannnsaxhss @lisjackson_lis @FiendishlyNerdy @residentJihadi @PA @IssamAhmed I never implied she was a Nazi. In case my view wasn't clear; I wasn't surprised of the photos of Harry wearing a Nazi uniform and the one with the Royal members doing the Nazi salute as the Windsor and Mountbatten had had Nazi ties...1/x

@JoanneK39 @libmannnsaxhss @lisjackson_lis @FiendishlyNerdy @residentJihadi @PA @IssamAhmed ...It doesn't mean neither Harry nor Lilibet was a Nazi. Only that they grew up being casual about it. Hence why I asked to prove the debunk not to prove Lilibet was a Nazi. If you weren't quick to pass judgement, I would have made myself clear. I guess it doesn't matter anymore.