1) The entirety of SARS-CoV-2 revolves around the Brain Stem. Senescence is an intergral part of the disease. We have clearly either been guided by completely incompetent doctors/researchers or liars. Most likely both. Let us look at the Senescence Accelerated Mouse.

Some of the

2) progeny exhibited a moderate to severe degree of activity loss, hair loss, lordokyphosis and earlySpongiform degeneration: vacuoles of various size in the neuropil in the brain stem (Yagi et al., 1989). Microglial cell proliferation (Amano et al., 1995). Degeneration of

3) dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra and noradrenaline neurons in the locus coeruleus (Karasawa et al., 1997).

Age-associated behavioral impairments including learning and memory difficulties (Miyamoto et al., 1986), emotional disorders, such as reduced

4) anxiety-like behavior and depressive behavior (Miyamoto et al., 1992) and altered circadian rhythms of spontaneous motor activity and water consumption (Miyamoto, 1997).

Please note how far we have been led astray. Long COVID is, as is COVID, a disease of senescence and the

5) brain stem. Now to find out why.