Virginia Giuffre has finally served Prince Andrew in her civil case against him for sexual assault

But this case isn't just crucial for the two of them – Giuffre's lawyer, who once represented Harvey Weinstein, is also looking for redemption

Lawyers for Giuffre claim to have served him with legal papers after a bizarre sequence of events at Andrew’s Royal Lodge home at Windsor last month

A UK-based corporate investigator, Cesar Sepulveda, went to Windsor on August 26 where he tried and failed to serve the papers

Police on duty failed to locate anyone senior in Andrew’s staff to take delivery

The following day at 9.15am, Sepulveda returned to Royal Lodge and the documents were left with police

Sepulveda did ask if he was able to meet with Andrew but was told this was not possible. The summons, in a plastic sleeve and A4 envelope, was deemed to have been served


But in the saga of Giuffre and Andrews, there is a third figure seeking redemption

David Boies, 80, is one of the most celebrated litigators in America — and at just under $2,000 an hour, one of the best-paid

A towering figure of the Democratic left, he represented Al Gore against George W Bush when he challenged the “hanging chads” election result in Florida in the Supreme Court in 2000


It was his challenge to Proposition 8 in California, which in 2008 had barred same-sex marriages, that succeeded in the Supreme Court in 2013

He could have enjoyed the twilight of his career in peace

But in 2015, Boies became embroiled in not one but two of the biggest scandals of the past decade:

Firstly, defending his long-term client Harvey Weinstein against an onslaught of sex assault allegations


He also aligned himself with Theranos, the collapsed biotech company founded by Elizabeth Holmes, whose trial on charges of fraud and conspiracy began last week


For Boies, Giuffre’s case, which he has taken pro bono, is a chance to rewrite the last chapter of his career

“He wants to preserve that reputation for posterity, long after he is gone.” Says Stephen Gillers, a professor at New York University