this isn’t necessary a comprehensive list, but a few things that come to mind:

strategy. we're intentionally making space in our portfolio to solve gnarly problems and opportunities, even if they involve foundational changes to the product (e.g. Spaces, Topics, Communities).

culture. we're pushing ourselves to be bold, to not be dogmatic about aspects of the product that can’t change (e.g. letting ppl limit who can reply, letting ppl hide unwanted replies, changing incentives, etc). And we’re pushing ourselves to be impatient with our own pace.

team. there are lots of passionate, talented people at twitter. And we’ve grown a lot by hiring many new teammates with diverse experience who are filled with the energy and ambition to evolve Twitter and make it live up to its potential even more.

risk taking. We’re pushing ourselves to take thoughtful risks, even if we know it might fail and even if we know it’ll be polarizing (#riptwitter might trend, and we’ll get dunked on for not just shipping edit instead!)

paying down debt. we’ve been investing in reducing our tech debt & creating new infrastructure to make development way faster across every layer of the stack (tooling, deployment, api, platform, data and analytics pipelines, etc)

it takes a village. proud of how far we’ve come, but we’re just getting started :)