#EOchat: Since it's #SciCommSeptember, one responsibility of we #EarthObservation #SciComm accounts is calling the EO community's attention 📢 to relevant happenings.

In terms of upcoming events, next week, #UKeoWeek2021 overlaps w/ the #GFOI2021 Plenary.😉 Details coming ⬇️.

BTW, for registration details for #UKeoWeek2021 (6-10 September), see the post ⬇️ from the great folks @NCEOscience. 🧐 #EOchat

In contrast, #GFOI2021 only runs from 7-9 September, but it will be THE #forest remote sensing event of the year, in our humble opinion. 😉

If you haven't signed up yet, there's STILL time, see @GFOI_forest's post 👇. #EOchat #SciCommSeptember


Y para nuestros colegas hispanohablantes, tampoco deben perder #GFOI2021 la próxima semana, el 7 al 9 de septiembre. 😉

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Pour nos collègues francophones, il ne faut pas manquer le #GFOI2021 la semaine prochaine, 7-9 Septembre. 😉

Il est encore temps de s'inscrire; les détails sont 👇 dans le tweet de @GFOI_forest. #EOchat #SciCommSeptember


#EOchat 📢: ICYMI, @GFOI_forest's #GFOI2021 🛰️ 🌳 begins in less than 2 days! Don't forget to register!

¡#GFOI2021 comienza en menos que 2 días! ¡No olvides a registrar!

#GFOI2021 démarre dans moins de 2 jours ! N'oubliez pas de vous inscrire !

ICYMI, the #GFOI2021 Plenary is just about to start! "Follow the conversation on the @GFOI_forest Twitter by using #GFOI2021." If you haven't yet registered, see the sign-up details ⬇️. #EOchat


Interested in which topics will be covered in day 1 of #GFOI2021? 🤔 See the agenda:


#GFOI2021: Among other things, Dirk Nemitz from the @UNFCCC AFOLU team spoke about some of the #EarthObservation-related challenges to #forest monitoring for countries' #REDD+reporting.

Are these issues *you* are addressing / working on, #EOchat?🤔

#GFOI2021: @TJHarvs highlighted what @GFOI_Forest was able to accomplish over the last year [in spite of the #COVID19 pandemic].

FWIW, it's been impressive work, GFOI + partners!🏆

#GFOI2021: Among other things, @TJHarvs also highlighted some of the important topics of interest to the #forest monitoring community, incl. #ARD, high res. data, transparency, etc. 🧐

W/o a doubt, these are also relevant to #EOchat. #EarthObservation


#GFOI2021: Nikki Fitzgerald of the Govt. of #Australia also highlighted the incredible resource that is the #REDD Compass.

Check it out at: https://www.reddcompass.org.

#GFOI2021: A summary of @GFOI_Forest's work, from @TJHarvs. Please note that "increased engagement" w/ GFOI is both an outcome of the ongoing pandemic as well as a priority.

This is also obviously relevant to #SciCommSeptember. 🧐


#GFOI2021: And here is a snippet from @FAO's Mette Wilkie's opening remarks earlier.

#GFOI2021: Philippa Lincoln and Robert de Ligt presented on #REDD+ case studies which had been funded by the @WorldBank. Lots of food for thought.🤔

#GFOI2021: The one and only @JulianCFox of @FAOforestry spoke about gains in terms of #EarthObservation capacity development for #forest monitoring in select countries implementing #REDD+ Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) systems. 🧐

#GFOI2021: Among other things, @FAOforestry's @JulianCFox also highlighted how @OpenForis contributes to #CapacityDevelopment, and the strides made by countries in their FREL submissions - including #Belize 🇧🇿's 2020 submission! 😉

#GFOI2021: Complementing @JulianCFox' earlier talk, Prof. @M_Herold_WUR presented on recent research that @WUR and @CIFOR have done re: #EarthObservation capacity development for forest monitoring. See: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/abd81b/meta.

#GFOI2021: Also, see ⬇️.

#GFOI2021: We have now moved into a panel discussion, and it's great to see a representative from #Guyana 🇬🇾's Forestry Commission (Nasheta Dewnath) on the panel, among others. 😉 #EarthObservation #CaribbeanTwitter

#GFOI2021: BTW, very relevant to the @Planet-@ClimateForest side session tomorrow is today's recent, STELLAR announcement, which will no doubt turbo-charge #forest monitoring.

Tnx to @TaraFerrell, @Charliebishop84, @SamapriyaRoy, @TanyaOfMars for this!👏


Important #GFOI2021 announcement 👇 regarding today's side session. 🧐

BTW, missed something and looking to catch up on #GFOI2021? You can use @Tweetdeck and see all of the updates that folks on #EarthObservation Twitter have been providing! 😉

See: https://tweetdeck.twitter.com. #EOchat


Day 2 of #GFOI2021 begins in ~35 minutes. DO NOT MISS IT! 😉

#GFOI2021: Here's the day's agenda (short and long versions)! 🧐

Kudos to @GFOI_Forest, @TJHarvs, and the organizers for a great online event! #EarthObservation #BetterWithForests

#GFOI2021: Today's sessions will be moderated by the one and only @SylviaNataliaW of @USGS / @SilvaCarbon_. She kicked off the day by presenting on @GFOI_Forest's 4 components, which are the focus of today. Learn more at: http://www.fao.org/gfoi/components/en/


#GFOI2021: @FAOforestry's @AIngeJo gave the 1st talk of the day, on #CapacityDevelopment activities being undertaken by @GFOI_Forest. She reflected on how such activities have transitioned online due to the ongoing pandemic.

#GFOI2021: @FAOforestry's @AIngeJo highlighted @GFOI_forest's key "partners for success," which included, among others - our friends from the @SERVIRGlobal network (@ADPCnet, @AGRHYMETinfos, @BiovIntCIAT_eng, @ICIMOD, @RCMRD_). 🧐


#GFOI2021: Dr. @SaraGoeking of @ForestService spoke about @GFOI_Forest's Data Component - something extremely relevant to @EOchat. 🧐

#GFOI2021: "What should @GFOI_Forest's Data Component be doing?" 🤔 Dr. @SaraGoeking highlighted, among other things, how GFOI partners should be contributing to processes like the @UNFCCC Global Stocktake activity. 🧐

#GFOI2021: Are *you* familiar w/ @GFOI_Forest's Methods & Guidance Document (MGD)? 🤔 Australia's Nikki Fitzgerald gave an overview of the MGD. Also, FWIW, it's work that @SERVIRGlobal AST PI @J_P_Olofsson has contributed greatly to. 😉

#GFOI2021: BTW, you can review the current version of @GFOI_Forest's Methods & Guidance Documentation (MGD) at: http://www.fao.org/gfoi/components/methods-and-guidance-documentation/en/. 🧐


#GFOI2021: Next up, Sarah Carter of @WUR / @GOFCGOLD_LC presented on @GFOI_Forest's Research & Development (R&D) activities.

#GFOI2021: Among other things, Dr. Carter of @WUR / @GOFCGOLD_LC highlighted our friends @REDD_Copernicus, and the workshop that was held in June of this year.

She also highlighted the importance of including the voices of country representatives.🧐