Acharyas and Their commentary on Brahmsutra 3.1.25 "अशुद्धमिति चेन्न शब्दात्".{about पशु्याग}


The commentary of Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya ji is famous which says
"Do not harm any creature,but that is a general rule, while the precept, 'let him offer an animal to agnishoma' embodies an exception; and general rule and exception have different spheres of application".

Bhagvan Ramanujacharya ji writes it as:-
"For scripture declares that the killing of sacrificial animals makes them to go up to the heavenly world, and therefore is not of the nature of harm. An action which is the means of supreme exaltation is not of the nature of harm"

The commentaries of Nimbarka Samprdaya :-
"If it be objected that their works like jyotiṣṭoma and the rest are "Impure", involving, as they do, the killing of living creatures, and therefore these lead them to immobile births, we reply: no impurity is involved in jyotiṣṭoma

Baladeva VidyaBhushan (गौडीय वैष्णव):-
"One should sacrifice an animal in an agnisomiya- vajña," is an exception to that general rule. A general rule and a specific exception to that rule need not contradict each other."


Shri Madhvacharya although he had not mentioned animal specifically. He advised to use Pishta Pashu in PashuYaga in place of living pashu(which proves that animal sacrifice is there).
He has quotes a verse which talks about no evil consequences of hinsa auth by the vedas.


Vallabhacharya ji though didn't say anything about pashubali while commenting on brahmasutra 3.1.25 be he too supports it while commenting on bhagwat puran 1.16.7 where he writes "Shaamitram pashuhimsanam"and quotes a shruti of taittariya samhita mentioning pashuvadh

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