Savarkar on Inter- Caste Marriages:
"The intemperate practice of abolishing inter-caste marriage has caused our Hindu society a lot of harm. I am not for once suggesting that every Brahmin or Kshatriya must find for himself a Mahar or
bhangi bride.That would be pushing....(1/3)

..towards the extreme and again on the basis of coercion. But if the virtues, character, temperament, hearts and minds of a couple meet,
despite them being from different castes of a Hindu fold, should
they be forbidden from leading a life together?Instead of demonizing...(2/3)

...such marriages, they must be honoured. This
strengthens the Hindu society and thereby the Hindu rashtra. You
are Hindu, despite whatever caste you belong to. So how does marrying another fellow Hindu become a prohibition."...(3/3)

Source-(Pg no. 425-426,The Seven Shackles of Hindu Society,The Interpretation of Thoughts, Savarkar-Echoes From A Forgotten Past 1883-1924)