This is how I would make an extra $5,000/month with just 8-10 hours of work.

Most people have no clue how to set up ad accounts and pixel their websites to get started.

Time for a thread: 🧵

There are two (almost) absolutes when someone is starting a new direct-to-consumer business:

1️⃣ A @shopify website
2️⃣ Paid social ad accounts (FB, Pinterest, Snap, Tik Tok, etc.)

With few exceptions, everyone should be setup from the beginning across all these platforms.

Brands typically set up their own Shopify stores (either themselves or an agency)

But, they rarely create and set up their ad accounts (✨opportunity✨)

At least, in most cases, not until it's time to turn these ads on.

Here are the 3 revenue streams I would focus on:

1. Client services revenue
2. Affiliate revenues
3. Sponsorships

Just focus on number 1 when starting out.

Client Services Revenue:

Reach out to founders who are launching businesses.

You can dive deep into #techtwitter #dtctwitter #marketingtwitter, the @TheHustle's Trends FB group, etc.

There is a lot of room to find potential clients.

If you don't want to be the one to hustle and find these businesses, then hire a VA.

Go to UpWork, find a VA, teach them how to find prospects, have them create a CSV file that you can upload into @outreach_io and automate outbound emails.

Offer to put together every single ad platform's pixel (Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Quantcast, Tik Tok, Google, etc) and setup tracking properly.

To make it easier, figure out how to configure Google Tag Manager properly, so the client only needs to install one pixel.

Ensure all of the tracking works, place test orders, and hand over Admin access back to the client for each platform.

You've now just set them up to have a "warm" pixel when they decide to run ads on the various platforms.

Charge them $1k.

Rinse & repeat 🔁

2. Affiliate Revenues

When setting up platforms, you have an opportunity to be the "middleman" or "affiliate" who brings a brand to these platforms.

Strike a deal with Snapchat, Quantcast, Outbrain, etc.

Make $250, when clients spend their first $1k on the platform.

Take it one step further than just ad platforms.

Find the best platforms for:
• Analytics
• Customer service
• Subscription
• Reviews
• Loyalty
• Order tracking

Go strike deals the same way:

Get a bounty for every client you onboard or a % of revenue driven for 12 months

3. Sponsorship Revenues

As you go through clients, stay engaged with them.

Try to build an audience, even just 1,000 people, who look to you for advice on:

• New software to implement
• What's working in the apps world
• What's working in the ads world

Now you go back to the same companies you onboard for:

• Content sponsorships (newsletter/tweets/etc)

• Hosting webinars (explain WHY those apps)

• Hosting IRL events

Your sponsorship charge can be proportionate to how much they'll make per client.

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