Neuro-Cognitive Effects of Recitation & Memorization of the Qur’an (Thread 🧵)

While memorization in general has scientific virtues like increase in neural plasticity, improvised memory, a research conducted showed memorizing the Qur'an has positive effects on socio-culture & increased cognitive efficiency of the reader.

Studies also suggested that there is a significant improvement in academic performance of Huffaz after Hifz.

Thus it can be said that practice of various brain exercises in memorization plays an essential role in acquiring high academic achievement.


According to science, the Qur'an is the best way to improve mental health & deal with anxiety, stress & depression.

The rhythmic sound of the Qur'anic verses was found to have profound effects on mental & physical health of the reciters.

Interestingly problem-solving & emotional coping were found to be at a high level in the memorizers of Qur'an with lower rates of anxiety, depression & sleep disorders.

Thus we can objectively conclude that memorization & recitation is very effective in reducing depression.

Research also found that while *music* has temporal effects on healing stress & depression, listening to the Qur'an has permanent long term effects.

Hence, permanent relaxation can be achieved by reciting the Qur'an on a daily basis.

Another study found that the Qur’ān improves the quality of life & increases neuroplasticity in stroke patients with aphasia motoric disorders.

This is by stimulating delta waves which inturn releases anti-aging hormones such as DHEA & melatonin.

Neuroscientists found that using brain's neurons make them stronger and prevents cognitive decay.

Thus memorization of the Qur'an trains & shapes the brain, consequently preventing diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

Another study conducted in Indonesia found that it positively improved cognitive intelligence and IQs in children.

The pre-treatment test resulted in 63.75% of improvement, while the post-treatment test resulted in 79.38%. The difference was 15.63%.


Sound emitted by the Qur'an also has a profound effect in curing cancers like prostate.

Results revealed that Qur'an recitation can also induce apoptosis in the cancer tumor cells through the downregulation of BCL2L 12 expression, thus curing cancer.

Statistically speaking, the method of therapeutic healing using the Qur'an worked 92.6% of the times. .

This study has empirically proved that the sound of the Qur'an is an effective treatment for those who
suffer from spiritual or psychological issues.

Another study found that memorizing the Qur'an drastically reduced the chances of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes & heart diseases.

Thus exploring the potential health benefits of Qu'ran memorization & their underlying mechanisms.

This short thread should give you an insight on the plethora of health & cognitive benefits recitation of the Qur'an comes with & why the people of the Qur'an are the happiest, most satisfied in general.