The most undervalued asset of a CEO is an Executive Assistant.

My EA saves me 60% of time.

I'm able to run a tech startup, coach 7 CEO's every month, write & surf every day, take @david_perell's intense WOP course, cook dinner and read every night.

Here's how:

1. Email - She handles most of it so that I only focus on what needs my specific attention.

2. Builds & manages my entire fundraising process so I can just how up to pitch meetings and do my thing.

3. Sales - From gathering leads to landing sales meetings.

4. Build Playbooks - This is a big one. Anything we do more than 3x's gets a playbook.

5. Ops - All the things I have no time to do. Xero, updating finance models, run & manage payroll, etc

6. Recruiting & onboarding new employees

7. Drafting investor updates

8. Sends & manages invoices for coaching clients

9. Research - She's better an than MBA intern

10. Angel investing - Helps me do diligence

And so much more. She does all of the things I don't need to be doing.