It astonishes me that Jaichand is used as a 'slur' for traitor.

He was the one who built the golden spired temple at Ayodhya for Rama.

Under his patronage, the last Mahakavya of Sanskrit was written

He lost his life defending our motherland till his last breath against Ghori


Jaichand has been demonised because a bardic tale written 400 years after his death vilified him.

There is also a bardic tale prevalent in Gujarat which vilifies the great Maharana Pratap.

If we keep on canceling people based on later day bardic tales, we won't have anyone left

Jaichand was martyr who sacrificed his life in battlefield protecting the most hallowed Hindu cities of Ayodhya and Varanasi.

Modern day Hindus like us are nowhere close to him when it comes to his commitment to Hindu Dharma or love for motherland. Such is the irony !