Taqiyya: The art of lying and deception to promote a violent cult.

In this thread, I will show you how this fraudulent @yusufpore lies through his teeth and deceives readers for his cultic promotion and fraudulently distorts the image of Shivaji Maharaj

In his attempt to secularise Shivaji Maharaj, @yusufpore resorts to his usual policy of lies, fraud and deception

He names two M Havildars from 1654-55. But look closer to see his deception

All these Muzlim civil administrators were from the period before 1657-1658 when Shahji still had a say.

But they were all removed after 1660 by Shivaji Maharaj

There were 200 civil servants employed during Shivaji's reign.

NOT ONE of them is Muzlim.

The Muzlim officers who were around when Shahji still has a say were removed by 1660.

Source: Shivaji His Life & Times by Gajanan Mehendale

As I mentioned in my tweet, only 1 out of 10 bodyguards of Shivaji Maharaj was Muzlim. This fact was mentioned in contemporary source Shivbharat By Kavindra Parmanand

Screenshot (h/t @authorAneesh )


And here he quotes another liar. They come up with completely random lists which do not have any primary source.

Many of these names are FAKE. He mentions "Madari Mehtar" as one of "Muzlim commander" of Shivaji Maharaj.

Let us look into his historicity

There is NO HISTORICAL SOURCE which attests to existence of a Muzlim general named "Madari Mehtar".

As such, the claim that Shivaji Maharaj had a Muzlim general named "Madari Mehtar" is entirely false and fraudulent

The only mention of 'Madari Mehtar" from any historical source is a single undated and unattested letter.

Even in this letter, Madari Mehtar was NOT a "Muzlim general". He was a servant who arranges carpets.

Even this letter is false and full of inaccuracies.

According to the letter, Aurangzeb sent Sawai Jai Singh to negotiate with Shivaji.

The fact is that Sawai Jai Singh was born 8 years AFFTER Shivaji Maharaj's death.

Madari Mehtar is a figment of imagination born out of such a letter.

This is the real face of fraud @yusufpore

He mentions Daraya Sarang as a Naval Chief of Shivaji Maharaj.

But forgets to mentioned that the same Daraya Sarang was arrested by Shivaji Maharaj for treachery.

This is nothing but shameless Taqqiyabazi

More lies and deception.

He mentions Kazi Hyder as a 'Muzlim commander of Shivaji's military forces'.

This is a laughable claim for two reasons

To begin with, Kazi Haider was not even a military officer.

He was a scribe. He had never served in the Army. He had nothing to do with Administration or Army.


What this fraud @yusufpore tells you: "Kazi Haider was an officer of Shivaji".

What he will NOT tell you: Kazi Haider was a traitor who joined Aurangzeb. He was given a robe, 10000 rupees and 2 Hazari rank

Source: Maasir I Alamgiri by Saqi Mustad Khan(trans. by Jadunath Sarkar)


More lies and speculative nonsense.

It is only natural and common sense that the actual number of officers could always be higher than the number known to us. But the officers known to us are about 200. They are published in SPSS volume III pp.211-212

The fact remains that Shivaji had about 200 officers in civil administration whose names are known to us.

None of them is a Muzlim. Yes, he obtain the services of a few Muzlim officers in Navy as they were very skilled in this field.

But the number given by this gang of 40% Muzlims in Shivaji' Maharaj's army is utterly false and fraudulent.

More lies and inaccuracies

Sidi Ambar is incorrectly mentioned in this tweet as Shivaji Maharaj's officer. He wasn't. He was infact Shahji's officer. He was DISMISSED by Shivaji Maharaj.

Sidi Ambar was dismissed by Shivaji Maharaj AFTER 1654 when he set aside his father's Adil Shahi Authority.

We know the names of 200 havaldars, subadars, sarsubadars under Shivaji . NOT ONE of them after this point was a Muzlim.


Noorkhan Beg is also mentioned in this list.

The truth is that he was dismissed and replaced by Yesaji Kank.


Just as I mentioned in my original tweet,

"Out of 29 cavalry commanders, 1 was Muzlim. Out of 36 infantry commanders, none was Muzlim"

Source: Sabhasad Bakhar (noted by Mehendale in his book)


With this, I have substantiated with evidence every single claim in my original tweet

But what @yusufpore presented was downright fraud and fakery.

His figures and names of Muzlim officers are wrong. A few of the names given are different appellations of the same person. Many of them in the list are traitors who changed sides. Some are completely imaginary!

Many of them are not even military officers in the first place. With such downright fakery, they have fraudulently narrate a false tale of secular Shivaji that is bound to be demolished even by a glance of primary sources.

Intention of such taqiyya is to appropriate Shivaji M

They lie and falsify the real history of India. By using their cheap, fraudulent and deceptive tricks, they want to appropriate Shivaji Maharaj and deny us our own cultural history, heritage and legitimacy.

Let it be known that @yusufpore is a liar, cheat and downright fraud masquerading as a historian

Someone tell him the diff between "civil administration" and "navy". A basic reason why they have been counted separately by SCSS.

This two bit mαdrassachap has as much knowledge on subject as the number of hair follicles that exist on his bald head

One must be extremely thick skinned and shameless to count traitors like Darya Sarang and Kazi Haider (people who deserted Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji to join Mughals) to count among "Muzlim soldiers of shivaji" for furthering their FAKE propaganda

This is a lie as usual. Nowhere in my thread have I said Shivaji dismissed ALL Muzlim officers by 1660. He did not. He dismissed all administrative Muzlim officers by 1660 but he needed some in army and navy.

What to expect except lies from a Taqqiyabaz

This third class pamphleteer uses gutter pamphlet like Hindu as his "source" & has the gall of calling others pamphleteers.

While The Hindu selectively quotes Guruji Golwalkar's observations,it omits what he said in the next passage of same book.

An advocation for Hindu Rashtra


It is amazing that the people who abuse Guruji Golwalkar day in & day out and label him a fascist and what not, do not hesitate to fall at his feet if his words could be used to further their agenda.

Golwalkarji was a great leader and a visionary. But he himself said that if (+)

He himself said that if his a few of his words could not be substantiated by historical proof and primary source, they ought to be discarded without a hesitation. We see Guruji Golwalkar as a great visionary of modern India and not as primary source of 17th century.

When Shivaji Maharaj's half brother Ekoji wrote recruited Muzlims in his army

Shivaji wrote a letter castigating his half brother and comparing him to Duryodhan.

"How could you hope to win against me with the help of these Turks?"

Source: New history of Marathas by GS Sardesai


He said 'Gods and goddesses have favored me and through their favor I was able to beat down the Turks"

Shivaji Maharaj believed that Gods do not favor a person who recruits Muzlims in army.

So much for "Muzlims in Shivaji's army"

In his own letter to his half brother Ekoji, Shivaji Maharaj describes himself as "the kiIIer of wicked Turks (Muzlims)".

And that those Muzlims could not hope to escape with their lives.

So much for "Secular Shivaji and his Muzlim Army"