Shameless lie indeed, but not from the first time from @BharadwajSpeaks. Now let us dissect his claims in a thread based on historical facts - singularly addressing the points he has made in this moment of excitement.
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1. “Shivaji had 200 officers in civil administration”.
Incorrect. The number is far higher. Under Shivaji, the Marathas held more than 200 forts.
Each fort had (a minimum) of 2 civil officers classified as Karkhanis.
Besides, Karkuns, Subehdars, Havaldars performed civic duties.

At least 2 Hawaldars/Sarhawaldars of Pune, In 1654 and 1655 were Muslim.
Besides, other military officers such as Shama Khan, Qazi Hyder, Siddi Ambar regularly performed both civic as well as military duties.
For more details refer to Govind Pansare’s work on the subject.

“...the naval chief of Chatrapati Shivaji, Darya Sarang, was a Muslim, and two of his main lieutenants were Ibrahim Khan and Daulat Khan. At the time of the grim encounter with Afzal Khan, out of the ten trusted bodyguards who accompanied Shivaji, three were Muslims. “ Golwalkar


2. On the question of military commanders and Shivaji’s bodyguard I have used “Guruji” Golwalkars words from a published source, citing his book.
3/10 (not 1), according to “Guruji”, of Shivaji’s bodyguard were Muslim.
Not my words but a direct quotation from Hindutva’s founder.

3. Sir Jadunath Sarkar wrote, “...all creeds had equal opportunities in his (#Shivaji) service and he employed a Muslim secretary named Qazi Haidar, who, after Shivaji’s death, went over to Delhi and rose to be chief justice of the Mughal Empire.”

@moorscorner lists 13 major Muslim commanders in Shivaji’s military forces:

Siddhi Hilal
Daulat Khan
Ibrahim Khan
Kazi Haider
Siddi Ibrahim
Siddi Wahwah
Noorkhan Beg
Shama Khan
Hussain Khan Miyani
Siddi Mistri
Sultan Khan
Dawood Khan
Madari Mehetar.

4. Muslims were not merely “a few in the navy” but the supreme commander of the Maratha Navy under Shivaji was a Muslim; Dariya Sarang.
Nor was he the only #Muslim commander of this vital and critical army of the Maratha military machine.

(source in tweet below).


The case of 700 Pathans offering their services to Shivaji and their enlistment in a single induction is well known and documented by several historians.

Source: “ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM OF THE MARATHAS, From Original Sources”, by Dr. Surendranath Sen


In fact Shivaji’s successors continued his secular policy of recruitment and appointment in both civil and military positions.
“ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM OF THE MARATHAS, From Original Sources”, by Dr. Surendranath Sen, 1925. University of Calcutta.


“...It is also a telling fact that, after the coronation, Shivaji struck a military alliance with the Muslim leader Abul Hasan, the Qutb Shah Sultan, and together they waged a campaign against Shivaji’s own half-brother, Vyankoji Bhonsle.”