Press Briefing by #CDDWAfrica, @Globalrightsng, others on the State of the Nation

21 FEB 2021
Nigeriaisindirestraits.Alloverthecountry,Nigeriancitizens,including children, are killed daily by terrorists and criminals... well as in extra-judicialkillings by state actors with the government doing little or nothing about it. The government, through the Minister of Defence, has instead callously abdicated its responsibility...

...and called Nigerian citizens 'cowards' and urged Nigerians to ‘defend themselves’.

Kidnapping for ransom has assumed an industrial and deadly scale never witnessed on the African continent. Our children are no longer safe in schools and Nigerian citizens and...

...communities are now pauperised by terrorists who extort huge ransoms while murdering their hostages. We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, what has now become the government’s standard state policy of using taxpayers’ money to pay terrorists thereby...

...funding and encouraging terrorism and criminality. President Buhari and his government have failed in their primary duty under Section 142 (b) of the 1999 Constitution which is ensuring the security and welfare oft the Nigerian people. Instead, under their watch...

...Nigeria is now a catalogue of bloodletting with:

➡️ The unending war in the North East with our troops often bearing the brunt of this government’s security failures;

➡️ Gross injustices by President Buhari’s government against the Nigerian people such that peaceful...

...protesters are threatened and attacked by the government’s security agents while terrorists carrying out mass murder, rape, maiming and kidnapping of Nigerians including women and children are feted, molly coddled, granted ‘amnesty’ and paid by the government.

This is tantamount to funding and supporting terrorists, encouraging murder and the decimation of the Nigeria’s gallant troops and amounts to treason against the Nigerian State and people;

➡️ Terrorist herder attacks on unarmed farming communities & reprisal...

...attacks in the face of government inaction and failure to bring the terrorist herdsmen & their funders to justice;

➡️Large scale terrorist attacks in the North West irresponsibly tagged by government as ‘banditry’ in a bid to downplay their criminality;

➡️Industrial scale kidnappings all across the country;

➡️ Extrajudicial killings by State Security agents in various forms

➡️ Inter-ethnic violence and

➡️ Menace of political cult gangs and ethnic militia. #BanditryInNigeria #InsecurityInNigeria