A bitter truth. Please read the complete thread. An interesting story.

1. In 1992, a famous company, Enron, planned to install a factory in Dabhol, Maharashtra!!

2. But, it could not happen, due to the resistance of the locals.

3. As a result, angry with the changing odd circumstances, Enron filed a case of compensation of ₹ 38,000 crore against the Indian government.

4. Vajpayee government appointed Harish Salve as the lawyer of the Government of India.

5. But you will be shocked to know that, Enron's lawyer became Chidambaram (PC).

6. Time went on. Later 'UPA' government was formed. PC became Finance minister and so could not fight lawsuit on behalf of Enron. But he remained a legal adviser and, he was in favor of Enron.

7. Next is revealing and shocking

8. PC immediately removed Harish Salve from Enron case. Khawar Qureshi appointed instead of Harish Salve. You got it right, he's is a Pakistani lawyer.


9. Imagine, a Pakistani lawyer representing India in the international court.

10. Congress on behalf of the Government of India, gave ₹ 1400 crore to the Pakistani lawyer in the form of lawyer's fees.

11. GoI could have won. But, as you can see the stake holders involved are the Finance minister of India supporting Enron and a Pakistani lawyer for India.

12. Obviously India lost the case and the Indian government had to pay a huge compensation of ₹ 38,000 /- crore. But, the media did not publicise this.


13. If this case had happened during Modi's time, and he had lost this case in the court, then the complete gang of Break India Forces would have gone berserk, and asked the PM to resign.

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