"Whitening" is a very very important factor in Japanese cosmetics. If this were attacked by BLM activists, all Japanese cosmetics makers would go bankrupt. πŸ˜†πŸ‘

1/3 FYI: The literary work of the early 11th century"The Tale of Genji #源氏物θͺž" (the world's first feature-length novel), which represents the Heian period, which established JAPANESQUE away from the influence of ancient China, for example

2/3 Lady Murasaki wrote that "white and beautifully transparent skin". In short, you can see the literary expression that praised the white skin like no other in the world. #JapaneseTraditions

3/3 At that time, Japanese aristocratic women wore Junihitoe #十二単 that layered many beautiful clothes, and did makeup that emphasizes the whiteness of the skin by putting the face white on long black hair.

In another words, it is one of the Japanese traditions what praise the white and transparent.