1/3 What is your nationality, ethnicity? When you talk about WW2, at least, please be clear about your ethnicity and nationality. It's unfair that you do not make it clear when you know that I am Japanese. I don't take part in unfair discussions. If you force it, I'll block you.


2/3 I have to sleep with sleep disorder. If you are a leftist or a hidden communist, stay away from my TL. My idea is this for example. Ask him directly if a Manchurian @Fuheng_H hates Japan.

3/3 As far as I can see, your historical research has stopped for more than half a century. For example you shouldn't send me @ without reading President Hoover's "Freedom Betrayed" published in 2011. I have no time to waste. GoodBye. @Kotigoroshko2