@la_biografia 1/5 Japan has no formal diplomatic relations with North Korea. This fact is unimaginable in a country where diplomatic relations with its neighbours are a matter of course. I don't know exactly what North Korea is thinking either. #CryptoKoreans

@la_biografia 2/5 Also, not only Japanese politics and business, but society as a whole is seriously infiltrated by #CryptoKoreans (about which you will find a surprisingly serious situation if you search for #在日 in Japanese, e.g. Most Japanese people don't tweet about it in English).

@la_biografia 3/5 Please read this article.

@la_biografia 4/5 This 1987 bombing of a Korean Air flight was carried out by North Korean Japanese impersonators (#CryptoKoreans). They were trained by the abducted Japanese. This is a fact that only came to light with the confession of the perpetrator,

@la_biografia 5/5 and in the 1970s and 1980s even the Japan's govt, guided by pro-North Korean politicians (#CryptoKoreans), took the position that there was no such thing as an abduction. You can see a bit of this in the second half of the 25 minute anime "Megumi".