A note for myself: for me materialists are the ones to avoid the most. "7 @victorykn" had said "yes" to my calling him a 'hidden materialist'. He blocked me right after that, so I didn't know what his main point was after all.

At first @victorykn suddenly replied negatively to my tweets (about Dostoevsky and Mishima Yukio).


I asked him in Japanese, "If you are preaching to me, a Japanese, about the Japanese, how much do you know about Japan? Of course, you speak Japanese, don't you? Make your point in Japanese. Then more Japanese people will judge whether your advice is correct or not."

So he got furious and blocked me, leaving shitty replies. He eventually left as a rude person, without revealing how much he knew about Japan.

BTW, he claimed I had a cat profile. Huum... did he think I am bo? Unfortunately, I don't speak English as well as bo, and I've never owned a cat.

He writes "Noblesse Oblige" on his profile, but he denied clearly the value of self-sacrifice. What is "Noblesse Oblige" that denies self-sacrifice?? That's hypocrisy. He can stay home and spend a peaceful time with his family forever, just as a grasping person.