1/❺ Agreed. In my opinion, the magic wand itself is not evil. The question is whether or not the person holding it has high morals. In short, jews have no morals against Gentiles. This is because it's their doctrine.

2/❺ BTW, for the Japanese Medieval Samurai (roughly from the 10th to the 14th C.), the bow was a sort of like the magical thing. It was not just a weapon, but something that protected people from the invisible world of evil. And anyone could not using it but the select lineages.

3/❺ In this sense, Medieval samurais were people with their own morals, with their own self-sacrifice. It's an existence that is incompatible with materialism;

4/❺ however during the period of great warfare from the 15th century to about the end of the 16th century, such magical power was lost from the Samurai and they became more materialistic.

5/❺ But still, until the (((Meiji Restoration))), the Samurai class formed its own self-sacrificing high morality. Without high moral and noble-mind, one cannot be the guardian of the Volksgeist itself of his folk.