MIFUNE Toshiro plays a "Rickshaw Man" depicts the life of a courageous, common man in the Meiji era. This rickshaw man was a #NobleLoser, who was really loved by the old-fashioned Japanese audience.

"Ricksaw Man" Trailer 

"The Discarnates" is a communication between ghosts and a living man. Set in the 1980s, dead parents come out to encourage him. The gestures and attitudes of the parents are the genuine Japanese townpeople. Everyone will think, "I definitely want to meet such folk in Japan…"

The movie I've watched often most in the list is "The Inugami Family". Set around 1947, this is a masterpiece that combines gorgeous Japanesque-modern aesthetics with an extremely local and folk custom-like story....

.... A detective unravels a serial murder that begins when the owner of a pharmaceutical manufacturer dies leaving a bizarre will.

This video is a compilation of movie scenes with the stylish theme music. I love really this music of "The Inugami Family". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjd4B_wMwYU