7 scientifically proven tools to help you become a MASTER OF YOUR DOMAIN

Warning: These tools only work if you USE THEM.

If you apply them as I say, I promise you'll gain mastery of your greatest weapon...


Let's Go



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Let's get started with tool # 1...

1. Affirmations

Words ▶ thoughts.

Thoughts ▶images.

Images ▶ feelings.

Feelings ▶ mindset.

Affirmations are an intentional way to change WHAT you think about, which forms your mindset.

Affirmations are powered by repetition.

A simple formula...

to use is "I am (where you want to be in 5 years)"

It's important that you use the present "I am" and NOT the future "I will"

Eg I am a successful entrepreneur who easily earns $50k a month from my digital marketing agency.

Write it out 15x daily.


2. Observation

Much of anxiety, fear, stress and worry exists because we are a prisoner of our mind.

Observation is a way to switch our focus from INTERNAL (our mind) to EXTERNAL (what we see around us).

The more observant you are

The less negative emotion you will feel


A fun game I like to play is to go to a public place like a park and observe everything around me

I watch the leaves blowing in the wind.

I watch the people walk around.

I watch the dogs playing in the grass.

I don't think about anything.

I just observe and stay present.


3. Aesthetic Images

Our brain processes images better than facts.

This is why a great story is more persuasive than raw data on a spreadsheet.

Looking at aesthetic images is a great way to relax our mind and evoke positive and aspirational emotions.

Start a collection of...

beautiful images which portray your dream lifestyle.

If you aspire for material wealth, look at images of sports cars and mansions.

If you aspire for nature, look at images of exotic beaches and mountains.

Build your personal collection & use it for inspiration.

4. Meditation

You know what's worse than toxic thoughts?

Trying to shut out toxic thoughts through force.

This only reinforces the influence of such thoughts.

The secret is to see the thoughts in your head and detach from them.

But this takes practice and that practice...

is meditation.

People over complicate meditation.

By all means use an app if you want to.

But all you need to get started is

1) Sit still in a quiet place
2) close your eyes,
4) focus on your breath

Thoughts will naturally emerge.

See them.

Acknowledge them...

then let go of them.

If you are new to meditation this will frustrate the hell out of you.

But that's okay.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Over time something magical will happen

you will start to see your thoughts for what they are...

a fleeting image in your mind.

No different to the millions of objects that comes and goes in your life.

Like the leaves that fall on the ground on an autumn day.

Meditation allows you to free yourself from your own thoughts through conscious detachment.

5. Write

The average person experiences THOUSANDS of thoughts PER DAY.

A good way to filter those thoughts into something useful and cohesive is to write them down.

Start a journal.

Then start publishing your writing.

Writing is like meditation.

It takes daily practice

I've been writing my whole life (I'm in my 30s) and I'm still improving.

Writing is the greatest skill you can master because EVERYONE needs good writing but only a tiny minority can do it well.

Writing can make you rich but most importantly it will make you a better thinker.

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6. Read Fiction

As my friend @hooafury says, reading fiction allows you to detach from your ego and travel to faraway lands.

I recommend you read for 1 hour before bed.

Don't know what to read? Start with these:

Reading fiction is also 1000x more influential than reading non-fiction.

Why? Because as I said in point #3 our brains our wired to process images.

Stories evoke powerful and vivid images in our heads which is why the lessons are STICKIER than non-fiction books.

7. Improve your breathing

A lot of the toxic emotions we feel are mental responses to physiological issues.

E.g When we're stressed or angry, we take shallow breaths.

By taking deep breaths, we remove those negative emotions.

Sounds simple I know but it 100% works.


A great way to improve your breathing is to practice box breathing.

This is an exercise Navy Seals do in the midst of battle to calm themselves down.

Watch this video and start doing it daily. It will change your life.



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