Some people argue that Ravana was born to a brahmin. So how he can be a Rakshas?

The funny thing is that same people keep talking about equal rights for male as well as female.

Way before when Ravana was born, Kuber who was son of Vishrava was made king of Lanka.


When Mali, Sumali and Malyavant attacked Lanka, Kuber along with help from deities and specially Bhagwan Vishnu defeated them badly.
One of them was even killed.

Now the Daitya brothers thought a political way to take over Lanka.
They sent their sister Kaikasi to Sage Vishrava


She somehow managed to marry Vishrava by serving her with devotion. When Ravana was born to her, she fed her poison of jealousy against his step brother Kuber.


Yes, Ravana was born to Brahmin father and Rakshas mother.
But maternal gene got dominant there. The teachings of his mother turned him a vicious dictator of Lanka.

More to come about Ravana....

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