Mayan civilization

Olmec Civilization which predates the Mayan civilization was dominant in Central America about 4000 years ago. When Christians visited the ancient shrines of Olmec, they got terrified.


The description of deities are similar to that if Vedic deities if Sanatana Culture.

It seems logical because when you travel east to India through Vietnam, Philippines and cross Pacific Ocean then you reach western coasts of central America.


This geological portion of the earth has been described as Daitya Loka in our scriptures.
Mayan civilization seems to take its name inspired by Maya Danav who was architect of the Daityas.

Many magnificent ancient structures in India has been attributed to Maya Danav.


Whole central America is full of magnificent structures which tell stories of Indian culture influence.

These people were meat eating Danavas as described in our Texts.


हुनाब कु ' was most important deity of Mayans. He is regarded as king of the chief architect. 'इतस्ना' was his son and he was the king of all the deities. 'किनिक अवा' और 'इक्षेल' were also his different forms and deities similar to Sun and Moon god.


He is said to have created Mayan script and Mayan texts. Indologist believe that he is son of Sage Kashyap.

And he is compared to Vedic king of deities, Indra.


चक' the Parjanya deity and he looks similar to lord Ganesha. 'यह मून' is Goddess of prosperity and 'यह पुच' is God of death. 'कुकुलकुन' is the wind God who came to the place by crossing the oceans.


Here you can find many sculptures of Hanuman ji which are the proof that their culture is linked to our culture.

The city was ruled by Ahiravana when Ravana ruled Lanka.

He had kidnapped Shri Ram and Laxman and took them to his place.


Then Hanuman ji had went on to defeat and kill him.

He also found his son Makaradhwaj.

That place is said to be in Honduras in Mexico.

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