Cow vigilantes and socio-legal protection – a detestable saga of country
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Mob lynching of Muslims by Hindu cow vigilantes has eventually turned into an action carried out in ‘good faith’ for preventing cow-related crimes...1/n


The Deputy CM of Karnataka stated that under Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2020, “Vigilantes or anyone who is working for a cause and the law of the land should definitely have a scope to work in this provision”...2/n

Under this bill, ‘persons acting in good faith’ or intending to act in good faith to prevent cow slaughter would be shielded from legal action, as is the provision in more than ten national and State Cow Protection Laws...3/n

Congress staged a walkout opposing the ‘anti-democratic’ nature of the proceedings in the Karnataka Assembly.
Ironically, Congress is the same party whose history is filled with proposing and supporting similar bills from the time when BJP was unborn...4/n

In Young India, 20 October 1921, Gandhi while extending his support for Khilafat Movement wrote, “…in laying down my life for Khilafat, I ensure the safety of the cow, that is my religion, from the Mussalaman's knife”...5/n

Gandhi's statement overshadowed the atrocities committed on Muslims on the subject of cow slaughter under the banner of the larger struggle for ‘both’ communities. The Swaraj movement was popularized by the Hindu Right on the primary of banning cow slaughter...6/n

When the subject of cow slaughter was being decided for inclusion in the Indian Constitution, the religious factor to the entire discourse was not a hidden agenda but an open secret.

Article 48 of the Indian constitution or cow protection act was posited as a middle ground,..7/n

a concession for the Muslim community with a layer of scientific progression covering the fulfilment of the Hindu's faith.
It was deliberately made to look like a favour upon the Muslim community, a sacrifice on part of the leading Hindu leaders – an oxymoron all together.

Over the yrs, cow vigilantism developed as a State-sanctioned violence endeavour. With impunity from State institutions, particularly, Law & Order, and all but six states having legislation on cow slaughter, the cow vigilantes have been protected both legally &extra-legally...9/n

Banning cow slaughter is not just a socio-economic disadvantage for the minorities and marginalized communities who practice agriculture, it is a threat to their lives because of the clear approbation and free pass it endows upon the Hindu community...10/n

The first response to these cold-blooded crimes should not be if the victim was innocent or not. The response should be even if the victim was involved in the alleged crime of cow slaughter, why was the mob allowed to impart this extrajudicial punishment?...11/n

The question should be why do Hindu cow vigilantes get a free pass after lynching Muslims to death? Ironically, no law of the land writes off death for a person who is found to be guilty of cow slaughter/ theft but the charges for murder are life imprisonment/ death...12/n

The law of country needs to be honest of what it's about & who it is for, only then the resistance from the end of the minorities would be rightly assessed. Opposing the status quo with a forcefully burdened responsibility of saving the ‘values’ has dragged the minorities...13/n

to a point where their life settles on the bare minimum of saving themselves to survive...14/n

A fascinating article by Zeenia Parween! #MuslimsLivesMatter #Islamophobia_In_India

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