I am in shambles. We live in the cruelest society

I should have put a warning honestly, don't read these if you don't want to cry right where you're sitting

Let this radicalize you.

People need to understand that this is not a fluke in the capitalist system we live under. It's essential to how it functions. It's by design.

No amount of incremental tweaking is going to fix this as long as we allow income inequality to continue.

We can either have billionaires, or we can make sure all children are fed, with warm beds to sleep in.

Pick one. We cannot have both.

Billionaires' existence depends on poverty. Massive wealth inequality is extracted from the bottom, and maintained with money in politics.

We need to take a very hard look at some of the politicians we support. The ones who say all the right things, but take corporate money & vote with corporate interests every time.

Men, women, POC, queer people—if they're in the pocket of wealthy donors, they are not our allies.

Don't let this make you despair. Get angry.

Learn about the problems—capitalism, colonialism, imperialism—and how we can solve them: direct action, building union power, mutual aid

Don't fall for moderates saying we need to take our time. They're saying these kids don't matter.

We can feed everyone, house everyone, clothe everyone. Don't let anyone say it's impossible. The resources already exist, we just need to take back control.

Love one another—and make that love political. ❤️✊🏼

For Americans asking about how to help these kids now - you can! The program starts on Dec. 4, you can choose a letter and send the kid a present from Santa: https://www.uspsoperationsanta.com/

These types of programs exist in other countries too!