The Economist Front Covers - Planned or Prophesized ?

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Whether you have seen the front covers of The Economist or not, something extremely cryptic and symbolic graces the Rothschild owned rag....


(1) I don't and won't pretend to answer or decipher the symbiology but I'll at least give you my take and others who have tried before me.

(2) Lets start with 2015 edition:

This magazine cover may be filled with prophetic revelations as well, maybe admissions of guilt, who the players/controller are in this world, how they are using manipulation and control of the masses.


(3) This symbol used by the Fabian Society.

On their version of the turtle is an obvious reference to 9 and 11.

Definitely a group dedicated to eugenics, public control and coercion by trauma, covert tactics and false flag events.


(4) "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

Winston Churchill

Also see my thread on The Fabian Society here:

(5) The drone in the top is carrying a box from Amazon carrying books (knowledge?)

There are fish portrayed besides the pied pipers legs ??

The Supersonic car seems to be the Bloodhound SSC
Bloodhound SSC

(6) On one side of Obama is a Ghost holding paper work. (haunted by his citizen ship or past?)

On the other side is Alices Cat, with a grin on its face.

Like it ate the canary.


(7) Also, notice the pied piper's flute has a bottle nipple on the end. (Guiding and feeding the masses?) #Covid1984 ?

It seems to me that he is putting all the bottom activity in motion.


(8) Could it be that The Economist covers seed predictive programming for not the year after, but maybe five years later ?

Does the symbolism match anything in year 2020 ?

Agreed, I may be providing more questions than answers but I don't see these covers as coincidence or

(9) just "original" designs.

When you realize that the Rothschild dynasty and all it's globalist sycophants use/worship symbology then none of this is by chance....

There's so much to try and decipher in this graphic so I'll leave the rest to Vigilant Citizen...


(11) Now lets move on to Cover 2016

First off this image is only half of the actual cover....


(12) See the "unfolded version" and the task for deciphering elongates somewhat.

The fist thing I noted was the black and white face theme that parred with the 2015 cover version

DeepStater's was my first response, but I see the likes of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are colored.


(13) So what is the correlation....?

Is this Assad or Hitler ?


(14) Another sinister image that refers to population growth and how [They] are predicting world events (planning more like).

What book is she reading ?


(15) At first this looks like a guy walking around wearing a flying saucer costume....

But, could it allude to #Covid1984 social distancing ?

(16) Another image suggests parents working from home with the kids playing in the background....

Along with a cartoon character based on Pan ?

PAN demic ?

(17) Did [They] plan on crashing the economy ?

[They] didn't think [SHE] would lose....

Could #Covid1984 have been planned for 2016/17 ?

When [SHE] #HRC would have been in charge ?


(18) Another interesting piece is the Sun depicted with 12 numerals and 12 sun rays.

The #Cabal #DeepState rely on numerology and 12 is an important number in the Bible....


(19) More information on the 2016 edition here:

(20) The Economist 2017 cover :

- The Castle on the Hill being broken in half, signifies an end of Power.

- Trump signifies what we all know, the Judgement of America.



- The World in all it's Knowledgeable glory from ancient times, hidden like secrets from Humanity and coveted by those with power.

- The Hermit Signifies Virgo, as we can see, the Moon almost appears to be either Eclipsed or Crescent, with a split Earth at Virgo's feet.



- Death Card = War and a Red Sun. Japan? or possibly both.... the effects of a Nuclear Fallout bringing pestilence and starvation.

- The blinded Magician, doing what has always been done. Tricking the Masses into believing nothing has changed.



Leading the Sheep to slaughter by means of persuasion through money and physical luxuries.

- France and the wheel of fortune. Political agendas gone awry but money talks so they don't care. Everything is an x to them, a john henry.


- The Star and last card, a Meteor. The falling star followed by more. The falling of those who wished evil upon the world, see the faces in the stars. Time has run out for them.

Again these are only mere thoughts and idea's....



The Tower -
Judgement -
The World -
The Hermit -
Death -
The Magician -
Wheel of Fortune -


The Star -

(27) The Economist 2018

Everyone knows that Rothschild is perhaps the most influential family in the west and his magazine is called the Economist where they usually publish their own articles when they have something to say.


(28) Now read this article which shows that already in 1988 The Economist had an article concerning the coming global currency called Phoenix in 2018 and how it ties in with the "Phoenix Legend" and a whole array of other prophecies concerning 2017-2018.

(29) Which is the "Negative Fire Rooster" year in China.

It may sound incredible but the elite has their own long-term plans which are deeply connected to the ancient prophecies.

(30) In other words, they want to intentionally collapse the global currencies and have a new consolidated (more easy-to-control) one world currency emerge from the ashes of the collapse.... (like a Pheonix) ?


(31) Sounds like they're pretty much on schedule - just look at the call for a cashless society we are seeing right now....!

The 1988 graphic depicts a 'Gold Chain' that supports a 'Coin' --- were [They] telling the future public about a gold backed block-chain which would

(32) provide the asset support of the new Crypto-Coin-of-the-Realm ??

We may even speculate more in saying the image of a domineering Phoenix Bird with a Crypto coin medallion might be the 'Mark' everyone dreads on their right hand...

(33) The Number 666 or the Name of-the-beast marks may be only for the more prominent elites in the end-times....

Or a #Covid1984 #ID2020 #VaccineCertificate

(34) The Economist 2019

This cover center's around Da Vinci, masonic symbolism amongst other occult and esoteric symbols.


(35) Lets start with the The Vitruvian Man at the centre:

While the Vitruvian Man is often described as a “study of human proportions”, it bears a much deeper symbolic meaning in occult circles – especially in Freemasonry.


(36) It esoterically represents the human body (the microcosm) as a reflection of the entire universe (the macrocosm) – a hermetic principle summed up by the saying “As Above, So Below”.

Da Vinci’s sketch was based on the works of Vitruvius, a Roman architect who was

(37) considered to be the “First Grand Master” of Freemasonry. Appropriately enough, the Vitruvian Man visually depicts the ultimate goal of Freemasonry: Squaring the circle.

In Masonic symbolism, the square represents the physical body and the circle represents the soul.

(38) On a wider scale, the square represents the material world, while the circle represents the spiritual realm. One of the goals of Freemasonry is to harmonize these two opposite worlds (physical and spiritual) to create the “perfect man”.


(39) This concept is fully represented in the logo of Freemasonry.

The 2019 Vitruvian Man wears night-vision goggles, or maybe a VR headset.

Is his sight being improved or is he being blinded?

In his hands, he holds a leaf of cannabis, a baseball, and a smartphone.


(40) One could argue that all of these things are used to distract and pacify the modern man through drug companies, big tech, and entertainment.

(41) Facial Recognition

The cover features an exact replica of da Vinci’s sketch analyzing the proportions of the human head.

Above the image is written (in reverse) “Facial recognition”, which the next step in Big Brother surveillance technology.

(42) The lines on Trump’s head are different from those above.

Do you notice the outline of an upside down American flag?


(43) Putin’s Pipelines

This is a reference to the natural gas pipelines that are being built by Russia, in Syria, the Post-Soviet States, and even Europe.


(44) Right behind Putin is Pinnochio – a puppet whose nose grows after telling a lie

(Fun fact: The tale of Pinocchio is also a profound Masonic allegory).

So the cover implies that someone will lie in 2019.

But who?

The #MSM ?


(45) Right under Putin, standing on Northern Europe and facing America, are none other than the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The Book of Revelation describes the Horseman as harbingers of the Last Judgement.

(46) The White Horse is said to symbolize Conquest, Pestilence and the coming of the Anti-Christ; The Red Horse represents War; the Black Horse is associated with Famine, and the Pale Horse brings Death.

That’s some heavy-handed catastrophe-predicting stuff.


(47) Why did The Economist add this extremely ominous Biblical figure on its cover?

There is no clear explanation.

(48) This one can be interpreted in a few ways, and all of them are upsetting.

It is a classic depiction of a stork carrying a newborn baby. However, there’s one important detail:

There’s a barcode on the bag carrying a baby.


(49) This might be a reference to “designer babies”, a controversial practice that should gain momentum in 2019.

The second meaning of this image could be child trafficking.

Barcodes are placed on products to track inventory and to complete transactions.


(50) Child trafficking is about treating human as products to be sold.

It’s a pretty effective (and disturbing) way of symbolizing child trafficking....

In Conclusion

The cover of “The World in 2019” is an apt reflection of the occult elite.

(51) It mixes occult symbolism with references to the control and manipulation of the masses.

It also takes a bizarre pleasure at predicting catastrophic events while keeping people guessing with vague and unexplained references.

(52) The elite likes to withhold information and reverse writing emphasizes this fact.

At the center of it all is the Vitruvian Man, a symbol used by the Masons to represent a human reaching full potential.

However, the 2019 version is blinded and distracted by things

(53) pushed by the elite.

Will we allow ourselves to follow the bleak path that they predict ?

(54) The Economist 2020

The Economist Magazine title which predicts the time to come each year.

2020 is predicting war in the title.....

Prior to that, the title also has plenty of predictions that will be fulfilled in the coming years.


(55) Foretelling events shows that there is power behind all these events.

Whose wishes and intentions are involved...

See for yourselves what words can be made out of the cover/word search.

Remember - nothing is by chance...

(56) I'm not going to spend any more time on the 2020 edition as it really speaks for itself.

But I will leave you with this....

(57) We build the system’s roads, we build their monuments, we supply their banquets, we build and drive their limousines, we build their governor’s mansions, and we cut their grass and install their air conditioning and repair their roofs.

(58) We pay their policemen and their firemen and their tax men.

We pay for their cars and their gas and their guns and their bullets and their uniforms.

Without us, they have nothing but words.

If we ever decide not to play their game, they are done.

(59) It doesn’t matter how many enforcers they have on their payrolls – the moment we stop complying, those enforcers will see the end of their paychecks.

We producers are manifestly unhappy about what the systems of the world are doing to us, but most of us don’t think

(60) we have any right to dictate to them.

The truth, however, is this:

Without us, they are destitute, and we don’t need them...

Remember :

- Civil disobedience
- Non-Compliance

Use those as the 99% and it's game over....