Says the guy who consumes colonialised versions of Indian history lock, stock and barrel. Lol. Stay in your shoes and continue living the life of an embarrassing troll. An original informed discussion is well above your pay grade.

Position 1- firecrackers have nothing to do with Deepawali. Deepawali is all about Diyas.
Response - Nope. It is a ritual not a mere festivity.
Position 2- Firecrackers cause pollution. They must be banned.
Response - OK. Ban everything that causes all forms of pollution.

Position 3- firecrackers cause most pollution.
Response - show me d proof. IIT Delhi's Report on d causes of pollution in NCR goes against you. Firecrackers aren't even in d top 5. Stubble burning and year round construction activity are among the top causes.

Position 4- Where does scripture prescribe laxmi bomb for Diwali celebration?
Response - Where does scripture prescribe Manyavar's clothes for Diwali? Or Playing cards? Chill. Uchlo mat. Baith jao.

Position 5- Scripture can't be followed in 2020.
Response - So you admit you were wrong on lack of scriptural basis for firecrackers. Good. As for what can and can't be followed in 2020, tu apna kaam kar. I will follow what my conscience allows me to. Ab bhaag yahan se.

Position 6- lekin Sati, Untouchability, caste...
Response - Aur kitni beizzati karwayega apni? Ek point to theek se argue nahi kar paya, abhi kood mat. Ja kuch padh le, phir wapas aa. Warna mai sikha dunga.

Moral of the story - Stubble burning gets a free pass because farmers =votes. As for the construction industry = money bags and muscle. Firecrackers industry needs to cover at least one of these bases to be heard effectively in Bharat. Until then, they will remain a soft target.