#Chinese Troops Struggle With Low Quality Winter Clothing On #Indian Border

#PLA troops are struggling to survive in sub-zero temperatures with poor quality of clothing & accommodation.

Steady line of emergency medical evacuations from the PLA positions

2) Casualty evacuation of PLA troops through helicopters and stretchers is seen on a daily basis.

On average, one PLA soldier succumbs to altitude and temperature related ailments every day.

Morale and motivation at the posts has dipped below freezing point.

3) The lack of combat experience across the entire PLA is so glaring that commanders and their political masters did not realize surviving in heights greater than 12,000 feet is totally different from equipping soldiers for operations at normal altitudes of up to 9,000 feet.

4) There was a Napoleonic mindset trying to eke out a quick victory before winter sets in.

Like Napoleon, this has become a logistical nightmare.

Having misread the logistics requirements, Chinese garment manufacturers produced clothing that can at best be used at 9,000 feet.

5) The PLA troops deployed in Ladakh are facing extreme shortage of specialized cold climate clothing and have been forced to go for emergency procurements.

This is the same PLA which was showing off its insular cabins and multipurpose jackets and pants just a few weeks ago.