Man religious texts are nothing in front of Vedas.

1. Christian named Darwin said - Eat Other's food and live

Curan said : Don't let anyone live peacefully if they dosen't accept Islam.

But Vaidik sahitya said that - Live you life to make everyone happy (सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः)


2. Bible said : Be Christian.

Curan said: Be Muslim.

But our Vedas said- Be human (मनुर्भव जनया दैव्यं जनम्)


3. Bible said: Study to get a job.

Curan said: Study to read Quran.

But our Vedas said: Study to learn Gyan, Humanity & Humbleness.


4. Aristotle said: Politics is for ruling.

Curan said: Rule to spread Islam.

But Vedas said: Lokneeti at the place of Rajneeti, Discipline at the place of rule, patience at the place of dictatorship, Duties at place of Rights.


5. Xristians said : Nuclear weapons to destroy cities like Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Mzlim said : If they get nuclear bomb then they will erase all the Kaffirs.

But Vedas said : whole science should be use for the development of Mankind.(यथेमां वाचं कल्याणीमदानी वा जनेभ्यः)