Lakṣmī which is representation of prosperity, health and wealth is essential for all of us.

There is difference in Lakṣmī depending on how it is earned.

Getting more money than the work that has been done or earning profit in inappropriate manner is pāpa and is prohibited.


Dharma is most important for us. Giving Prominence to Dhana is not right thing.

Lakṣmī : Dhana earnt by doing Adharma or Dharma is called Lakṣmī, It is used in good and bad both things.

You can earn money by both selling medicines as well as poison.


You can be a criminal or a doctor and still earn money in both cases. But the dhana earned in each cases is different. They have different consequences.

Mahālakṣmī : Dhana which is earnt according to Dharma and by hardwork is called Mahālakṣmī.

It always used in good and śubha deeds. It gives man peace and prosperity.


The mentality before the earning should be to look after ones family, Society and country. It should not be to just build fortune.

Alakṣmīḥ : Dhana earnt by pāpakarma, misdeeds is caled Alakṣmīḥ.

It always gets used in misdeeds, lust and wrong things. It doesn't give peace to the man, It always becomes the reason of the sorrow.


More than that this type of wealth eats up your dhana which has been earnt with appropriate means.

The only things which matters to us is Dharma.

#HappyDhanteras to all of you 🙏🏼