Today was my viva @DrRPNishank @myogiadityanath @EduMinOfIndia

I was not aware with the caste of my examiner.

First he read my name, then he asked about my background. I told him that I belong to science stream and I love physics mostly.

Then he questioned,"What's your opinion about reservation?"

I replied,"there is no need to reservation in present time, our education system and all institutions have become useless because of the caste based reservation. Reservation should be based on economic condition.

He had already made his decision.

His second question: When one category was demolished on the Basis of caste system hindus declared them as lower caste then its necessary to protect their right. That's why Bheem Rao Ambedkar protected their rights in the constitution of India.

I replied: But caste system isn't part of Hinduism, Portuguese coined this word. Hinduism talks about Varna system which is based on karma.

He got angry with my reply. He said,"then why Gautam Buddha thought to create new religion?"

I replied: Gautam Buddha was Avatar of Shree Hari Vishnu. He never said I'm creating a new religion, even Buddhism is also a vedic word. And Buddhism is a path not religion.

He again said Buddhism is a religion. He created that because vedic teaching are against women and dalit teaching.
Hindus scriptures just say women is Devi but never gave them rights.

I replied: Sir, then who was Gargi, Lopamudra, Maitreyi, etc. Women had also upnayan Sankar, and upnayan Sanskar happened before education.
And if hindus aren't respecting women's than how can you say burkha halala and witch hunting is women empowerment?
And who was Nishad Raj?

He said: They all were upper caste hindus, Nishad Raj was a king.

I said where is caste mentioned of Lopamudra Gargi and other vedic women?

He got angry with me. He said when Britishers came to India, they said dogs and Indians aren't allowed they never said rules for upper caste or lower caste. Mughals are against caste system which only hindus have.

I said: Sir, then what is deobandi, Shia, Sunni, Ahmadiya, wahabi, Kuraishi issue? Also Sir, Christians have caste more than us.

He asked I know when Mughal attacked on India your Hindu warriors were busy with fighting each other if they were capable than why don't they saved their nation.

I replied, sir we were under attack not we attacked.

He said: think like a liberal. I said sir but liberals are main cause of unrest in India.

My viva happened I think he'll not give me good marks because of my narrative. But I'm happy with it I may lose my marks but not my dignity.