Zimbabwe’s sovereignty is undisputed. That’s one matter that is settled - not contested.

However, in a globalised world, Zimbabwe’s success hinges on economic, political and cultural relationships with other countries

2. Globalisation has changed the international order. By driving countries towards economic specialisation, every country now needs its international friendship to be as diverse as possible

It’s not enough to have a few good friends, ideally every country should be on your side

3. Not a single country in the world can now stand on its own. The challenge is even bigger for a small open economy like Zimbabwe

Our prosperity needs other countries to buy what we produce, other countries to invest their capital in us, that we use other countries systems, etc

4. This is not an easy feat!

Think of friendship at individual level; one attracts friends similar to them in character & who share same values - whether right or wrong

The same applies to international relations, friendship between countries is shaped largely by values

5. To be successful in a globalised world, each government should be constantly asking itself:

Are we expressing the values that allow us to attract the friends we need for our national progress?

Every country is constantly on that international catwalk for nations!

7. Our values are revealed through:

➡️our politics and governance
➡️how we treat each other as citizens
➡️our collective aspirations and vision, and whether it binds the country together
➡️openness of our cultural values and religion

There are choices to make on all these!

7. But must accept international relationships are voluntary, a country must sell itself consistently well to build fruitful partnerships.

This is what diplomacy is all about - constantly building on Zimbabwe’s values for the world and selling the best of what It has to offer

8. My question to @MinisterSBMoyo and @edmnangagwa is Zimbabwe selling enough to build the diversity in international friendships that every country needs to thrive in a globalised world