TYPES OF SIN AND THEIR ATONEMENT/ पापो के प्रयाश्चित विधि

Many of us must have committed sins knowingly or unknowingly. Our court of law dispenses justice for this physical world. But what measures do we take to go through our final journey after death?


How do we redeem or atone our sins to be in hell or heaven. As per Naarad Puraan, There are sins for which you can do Prayaschit(atonement) in this world urself. It is said that even rivers dont wash the liquor vessels. Only a dip in a sacred river cannot save you.

Brahmhatya, Drinking intoxicated drinks, Robbery and having Illicit relationship with gurupatni are the four sins or Mahapaat. Those who help such people or keep quiet are also commiting sin. As per Narad Puran no one should talk, interact or help such

people otherwise they will be counted as sinful.

If you have killed someone, You have to live like an ascetic away from home with bare neccessities. They have to become charitable, always thinking about Parmatma.

If anyone kills a Brahmin unknowingly during a Yagya, the whole yagya should be doubled and performed. He has to fast for a year. There are fasting rules for all to follow if anyone of the varna kills the member of other varna, ranging from Age groups.

Old and disabled get the concession of doing penance for half the period given.

The drinking of Sura or liquor is prohibited for all. If at all they drink, especially Brahmins, they have to heat either milk ghee or gomutra extremely hot with wet clothes on their body

in an iron vessel. The punishments are very severe so as to desist people from drinking. All the varna's are prohibited to drink, otherwise they have to organise a upnayan sanskar for themselves along with Triptkruchh vrat.

Committing robbery invites the same punishment as that of Brahmhatya. Depending on the severity of crime sometimes the atonement was death also. Fasting for months and leading an ascetic life is also a way of atonement.

For milder crime, the atonement was done by chanting eight thousand gayatri mantra.

In ancient times Illicit relationship required the atonement of cutting away of testicles.

As per the scripture, the best way to lead a healthy and righteous life is to get rid of lust, anger, attachment and greed, follow the path of dharma, pursue the path of parmaatma, visit temples and tirth, be charitable and fast as per your abilities.

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Source-Narad Puran