1. Thread on Biden and CCP




3. BGY Plan


4. 3 F Plan






7. I saw one video on the site, which was pixellated and shows Hunter Biden being masturbated by someones feet. He films this. #HunterBiden



9. Joe Biden is 100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, through these two programmes


10. CCP Chinese Communist Party threaten and bribe Bidens and cause many of the worlds problems.


11. We need to take down the CCP and the likes of the Bidens and other crimes families who have infiltrated the US eg Bushes, Clintons. ALL in China and the US are controlled by the Illuminati Bloodline families, and Monarch mind control... #Illuminati

12. The people need to work together to take down these corrupt structures. We are many, they are few. Keep your eye on https://gnews.org/ They are releasing a story an hour on Bidens and CCP #CCP #Bidens

13. There is obviously much more to come...



15. Lude Media: This detailed report is done according to the contents of the hard drive by an investigative company https://gnews.org/450169/

16. CCP’S LYING DIPLOMACY https://gnews.org/447478/

17. Breaking News! Hunter Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY” Infiltration in the U.S., Evil Alliance to Dominate the World.Twitter are already censoring the link i was putting here , so here is the website https://gnews.org/

18. This lady @DrLiMengYAN1
is whistleblowing on the coronavirus as a bioweapon, follow her

19. Dr. Yan Declares SARs-COV-2 as Unrestricted Bio-Weapon and Exposes Its Large Scale Cover-up https://gnews.org/417827/

20. Jaw-Dropping Report Details Chinese State-Owned Company's Partnership With Biden, Kerry Families https://redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2020/10/23/jaw-dropping-report-details-chinese-state-owned-companys-partnership-with-biden-kerry-families-n267739



23. What is Lude Media? Lude (Wang DingGang) is the founder of Lude Media, the main program channel. The purpose of these channels is to create an independent news platform that can disseminate the truth about the CCP https://gnews.org/347238/ #LudeMedia

24. The mission of the Whistleblower's Movement is to save China, prevent CCP from implementing plan of complete enslavement of Chinese people, & dragging rest of World down same path. This is anti-CCP revolution initiated and organized by Mr. Guo WenGui https://gwiki.net/wiki/Whistle-Blower_Movement


26. https:// g t v .org/


27. Breaking! Hunter Biden's naked photo in the bathroom leaked! https:// g t v .org/

28. One vid has 950,000 views, another 500,000 so the news is getting round... This is the news page
https:// g news. org/

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