I am a registered democrat .. voted for Hillary , live in California , understand risk of covid 19.. mask wearer, pro vaccine , grew up in India , Hindu, tech worker, 2 kids .. but I will be voting Trump this time . Why ? Thread 👇

I was watching corona unfold since jan 2020.. how slow US response was - CDC testing mix up.. none of media was taking Covid seriously but thanks to twitter .. and indian govt proactive response .. watched whole thing ..

March shutdown orders were shocking .. but assumed they will be short lived.. max 1 month or two...Was seeing how much hardship hard lockdowns were causing from reports in india.. so happy at least US wasnt taking that path... What made me pro Trump was june protest

On one hand .. u r not opening .. on other hand u r encouraging virus to spread by having these riots aka protests all across US... By May... virus was totally in control but just to postpone economy opening dems delibrately engineered these protests ...

Naive indian americans think BLM is 2020 thing .. and 8 years of Obama administration blacks were fine and suddenly from 2016 their condition worsened .. Indian politics follow same playbook.. Dalit = black, congress = Dems.. Trump is only one who advocated economy opening

+ schools .. As a working mom .. who have to manage housework, kids education in addition to their jobs .. it is beyond madness to support a party ( Dems) which delibrately had these super spreader protests just to prolong covid crisis till elections

I dont support Republicans stand on abortion.. but one cant have it all the way. Oh yes, I voted for Tulsi in primaries too..

School shutdowns was the final and only straw.. bank branches are open.. retail is open.. factories are open, big box stores are open.. But tech offices can not be open.. Amazon warehouse is open but corporate is closed .. is anything making sense?