Called Terrorist’: Kashmiri Lady @noorbhat1998 in Delhi Accuses Landlady of Abuse and Violence!

An argument between a landlady and her tenant ended up the former calling the latter a ‘terrorist’ just because a girl student, happens to be from Kashmir.

Noor Bhat, belonging to Srinagar told that the landlady calling her a terrorist hurt her deeply. Noor alleged that the landlady barged into her flat in her absence and took out her furniture and other belongings including her passport and clothes.

The landlady allegedly started verbal abuses using racial, political and ethnic slurs. “You are a terrorist. Your father is a terrorist. Mulle Kashmiri," Noor quoted her.

The landlady also grabbed Noor by her shoulder & gave scratches on her body & yanked her hair, Noor alleged.


#SanjivBhatt once said the reality,
"If you happen to be born in a Muslim family in Kashmir, you are suspected 'Anti-National' from birth to death."

For an Indian Hindu nationalist, every Kashmiri is a terrorist. That's a sad state of affairs.