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The Incoherence of atheism: Part 1: How atheism Contradicts Itself

A series of threads on how atheism in of itself does not make logical sense, and can only be explained as irrational.

atheists deny religion solely on their misotheistic feelings, yet do not deny other forms of ideologies.

Religion after all is just another kind of ideology, no different than political ideologies (which many atheist basically worship as their neo-god)

For example lets compare religion to liberalism:

In religion there is "blasphemy", "heresy"

In liberalism/atheism/secularism they have "hate speech", "home/trains-phobia", "TERF" etc...

Just another noun to describe the same thing: "anything that offends"

In religion we worship God.

In liberalism/atheism/secularism they worship their desires, they worship LG-TV and pleasure seeking etc... Their god is money and materialism, or even other people (i.e politicians/their leaders)

In religion there are priests/imams

In liberalism/atheism/secularism they have activists & politicians who tell them what to believe

So why do they reject one group of ideologies yet embrace another group of ideologies.

They will say "bEcAuSe God iS mAdE uP", but their liberal secular beliefs are also made up. Where is the proof that things like "hoooman rights" even exist.

Why do they believe in one group of "man-made up" ideologies, but reject another group of "man-made up" ideologies

There is no logical reason aside from, it's based on their feelings. Their dislike of God (misotheism) has no logic, it's just their irrational personal feelings.

There are 2 solutions to this problem:

Solution 1 : atheism admits it is irrational, & thus atheists can do whatever they want based on their whims and desires.

Whatever the neurochemistry in their brain makes them do without needing to explain any logical reason as to why.

Solution 2: atheism denies all ideologies & cannot believe in anything.

All ideas are man-made and has no proofs, beliefs in any kind of idea or believing anything in general is no different than believing in God.

(this includes believing in "secularism" a man-made up ideology)

But an atheist will say "nO iTs nOt tHe sAmE!!1! wE hAvE pRoOfs" "mUh sCiEnCe"

But the thing is religions also have logical proofs.

For example Proofs of an uncreated Necessary Being (aka God) here: https://www.jstor.org/stable/4320068


Or the mountains of scientific proofs on how atheism is bad for your health, and bad for society.

Even science itself is based on believing the testimony of others.

(but this is another topic I'll elaborate more in Part 2: How atheism Contradicts Science"



I doubt any internet "new atheist" will be able to provide a rational response.

The academic atheists tend to agree with me. But internet atheists are too dogmatic and uneducated.

The next thread in this series will be "Part 2: How atheism contradicts science"