Calling someone Musanghi, extremist, Fasaadi, j!hadi, radical is NOT the same as calling someone Sarkari, Libbu, Ganga-Jamuni etc.

The former can get you being hunted down by security agencies & languishing in jails for eternity. And you know it!


Calling someone Sarkari, Libbu etc. should be condemned but don't compare it with the former and go on labelling someone extremist to satisfy your personal egoes and grudges.

Labelling someone Fasaadi, extremist, j!hadi etc. has dire consequences and


even you people as fellow Muslims are aware of it.

I am sure you don't wish your fellow brothers and sisters and their families & relatives to land in trouble just because he/she has a different POV than you,


unless you are one big a$$hole who are a blot and disgrace on the entire community.

If you have a problem, try sorting it out in DMs, else mute/block options r there.

Reiterating it once again, calling Sarkari etc. should be condemned but it in no way justifies countering


the caller by labelling him/her as Musanghi, extremist and radical.

Only few days back, a silly pea brained lady went about declaring me and a lot of fellow Muslims as Musanghis only because I had liked and RTed a tweet saying- 'Quran is our constitution'.


That fool even went outta her way and started tagging Home Ministry and NIA under tweets of those who criticised her.

I seriously hope the readers of this tweet are smarter than her and would be able to grasp the motive and intent of mine behind writing this tweet.