Since we are not fighting right now, I just wanna say for the next time,

Don't let disagreements spiral into name-calling & meme-making.

I swear by Allah it breaks my heart that we're doing this when any of us could one day be killed for our names💔

Practice restraint my friends.

If someone name-calls you then tell them you won't engage further.

If we respond with name calling them how will we solve differences amongst ourselves? By breeding hostility & animosity for each other?

Wallahi it just makes me sad how arguments amongst us have been reduced to comebacks, burns, roasts & labelling... All over simple disagreements.

Can't we argue our position without doing all of that?

A few rectifiable mistakes don't make your fellow brother/sister an Abbas Naqwi or an "extremist".

Don't see wrong opinions as a chance to label someone or make memes.

Look at it as an opportunity to teach someone in a respectful manner, they'll learn eventually insha'Allah.

These are people we interact with on a daily basis, whom we laugh & joke with & on many occasions share grief with.

We have something special here, a bond that wavers but one we must never allow to break.

Let's be more kind to each other❤️

I'm going to sleep now. I hope I don't wake up to ppl taking this the wrong way.

I love you all & I pray Allah puts mercy in our hearts for each other & brings us together. Ameen.