Four Varnas have been considered equal as four Body sections. Because a man is dependent on all of these four sections.


1. Brahmin is considered equilant to Head, The Knowledge and education related Varna. Head is the medium of gaining, understand and giving knowledge.

2. Kshatriyas are equal as Arms they protect by their arms. This system includes Protection & administration related duties.

3. The Distribution system Vaishya Varna which is responsible to providing produced resources to everyone. Their main duties are related to feeding the system and nourish them.

That's why they are related to stomach & thighs (central body) which also provides stability and strengthen whole body structure. It helps in moving fast.

4. Shudras are considered as legs. they are hard workers. They work hard to source resources for all the Varnas. They produce food & handle the service sector. so they are responsible for development and resources production related duties.

Four working systems :-
1) Teaching and Knowledge : Brahmin
2) Administration & Protection : Kshatriya
3) Distribution and Nourishment : Vaishya
4) Production and Service Sector : Shudra

Can a society work without the coordination of all of these Varnas. They all are equally important for evry society.